The fat’n’frugal: Weekly shopping for two on 25 €

Cash envelopes: You can do it too!


Disclaimer: Prices are taken as they are in Germany/the Netherlands/Luxemburg (depending on current location). Taxes included. I am neither a nutrition expert nor a finance expert. This post is based on our weekly spending for two people in Cologne. We drink tap water and a shit load of tea. This is also part of the weight loss journey.


People who visit our place usually notice the envelope on our fridge. It has funny numbers (and calculations that do not make sense) and boxes on it and it draws the attention of our guests almost every time. Lately, I have received many requests on how to do it and here is my instruction:


  1. Start a general list of things that you use up. This took me a couple of weeks. I hung the list on the fridge and every time I noticed we were out of things, I added that to the list. I only added things we regularly use/eat; that means that we do not buy things only because we like them. Confusing much? I am talking about ‘phases’. After our vacation in Greece (which was super cheap), I had a Greek yoghurt phase. LOL. However, I have never been a great fan of dairy products in general. The BF was super confused with my newly found taste for Greek yoghurt. For a couple of weeks, I would eat Greek yoghurt for breakfast but as time passed, I grew less and less fond of Greek yoghurt – although I still like it. We bought a four-pack of Greek yoghurt a few months and it remained untouched until I noticed that the expiry date was getting closer. I then ate it but it didn’t make the list. I only added items that I was certain would be used up. Think of your general list as a fancy club everybody wants to get in but only the best can have access. You’re the strict bouncer. The rest is unnecessary stuff that takes up space in your pantry. This list was the essential start of our shopping budgeting.  img_3639
  2. Make a grocery list of the things you really need. This does not include impulse decisions such as: ‘OMG, there is a TV on sale. I need it!’ but checking local sales and promos beforehand is not a bad thing to do. However: Let your house tell you what you need and not flyers and ads! Stick to your general list! This is possibly the most crucial step for this mission. In order to succeed, you must only buy what you need. Do not fall for sales that might satisfy what you like, but not what you need.
  3. Only place cash in the envelope. Fun fact: We initially started with 50 € per week and wanted to add 50 € to another envelope; the fun envelope. We figured that we could take what we didn’t spend on groceries that week and add it to the fun envelope. TBH, we only cut down our grocery expenses in order to maintain our party habits. We now calculate 75 € per week for our fun – including drinks, eating out (which we rarely do) etc.
  4. In case you’re not already a mathlete: Be prepared to train your mental arithmetics! (Or bring your phone/calculator/super smart partner or friend/whatever floats your boat)
  5. Make time for this shopping mission and be ready to go to different stores if needed. Depending on what made it on our list that week we either walk or drive. We are lucky enough to live near a Lidl within 10 walking minutes. At the store, take the time to compare prices and expiry dates! The later the better! Some things are cheaper at different stores. The other day, I realized I needed turmeric powder – which is quite a rare spice to buy at a regular supermarket. Discounters such as Aldi do not carry turmeric powder. More expensive ones do and they ask for a lot of money. The ‘brand name turmeric powder’ I usually buy costs 2 € for 35 g. When I went to an Asian supermarket, I spent 2,99 € for 400 g (!!!!!!). Yes, one is darker than the other but given my enormous use of turmeric powder, I don’t care. (I love it.) Special purchases such as turmeric powder should always be done in specialty stores. You can save so much money!
  6. Bring enough reusable bags! Most of them can be folded in your pocket to where they not take up much space. Depending on whether I am walking or driving to the store I either bring a suitcase/backpack (all depending on how heavy the shopping will be) or when driving just a few boxes to place them in the trunk. Thanks to living in Europe, I have acquired quite a collection of reusable bags. I use them all the time. I try to avoid buying plastic bags at all costs! (Finally, stores have realized that plastic bags add to the pollution problem and therefore you have to pay a crazy price for a plastic bag.)
  7. When buying a lot: Bring your reusable chip for your shopping cart (Europeans only?)
  8. Stick to your list! I know stores can be tempting with good product presentations and sales of name brand products. Do not be fooled!
  9. Do the math with every single item you buy! There is no way around this if you want to stay in budget. You will be a mathletic at the end of the year. If you’re feeling lazy, just jump to the next zero. [Butter: 99 c » 1 €] [Noodles 39 c » 40 c]
  10. Buy generic brands – despite sales! Avoid name brands as much as possible! Most sales promote name brands and compared to what they usually cost, they might be cheaper. BUT: Generic brands are usually still cheaper – although the name brand might be on sale. I myself almost bought name-brand butter because it was new (and a trap) and I thought: ‘Wow, 99 c is a pretty dope price’. I grabbed the butter, I looked at the expiry date and mid-walk I realized that I had not checked the generic brand. I turned around and checked out the generic brand. 75 cents, twice as much, expiry date ONE month later. See?! I almost fell for the new product. Yes, the design was very nice. Yes, it was on sale (50 % off) and yes, I wanted to try it. I guess I dodged a minor grocery bullet there.
  11. Compare, compare, compare and think! The BF loooves Mirácoli (idk why). Since I really don’t want to spend 2 – 3 € on 200 gr of spaghetti (WTH) and a tiny bit of sauce and Parmesan, I usually try find a generic brand that will have a similar pack. Those packages are so expensive, even when bought as a generic brand. Those packages usually cost 1,50 – 2 €. Despite what the package says, those small boxes usually result in ONE (manly) serving. You can buy 2 kg of spaghetti for under 2 €. Let’s say I buy the ingredients separately: Spaghetti at Lidl: 39 c, Sauce (depending on what kind and how much) MAX 1, 50 €. Let’s do the math: Less than 2 €, four very hungry people fed or normal portions and leftovers to eat for lunch the next day!
  12. Be wise when it comes to fresh food! Be the voice of reason! I hate seeing food go to waste and I think about my environmental footprint a lot. The meat industry contributes way more to the pollution than cars and to think that people throw away meat makes me super sad. We eat sausage on our bread but not every day and not every week. I guess you could say that we eat pretty much balanced. Our meat intake is very small. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some steak from time to time but it’s a) not healthy to eat a lot of meat b) expensive and c) bad for the environment d) ethical reasons set aside (sorry, PETA). The same goes for produce! Veggies and fruits (unless bought local) require a lot of logistics. I try to only purchase products that are domestic such as carrots, spinach, apples etc. If it’s not imported, it usually is pretty cheap. And: only buy what you use. I like to buy 1 kg of carrots for 99 c. That bag of carrots will be used with 1 – 2 weeks, there are stored in the fridge. They are used with every meal. Healthy, filling and cheap!
  13. If possible, buy deep-freeze veggies and fruits. I like oatmeal in the morning with blueberries. Blueberries and any fresh berries are very expensive. Yes, deep-freeze fruit tastes differently but the taste of being frugal is nicer. I prepare my oats with soy milk and honey, let it soak in and to me, it is still good. Did you know that deep-freeze veggies tend to have more nutrients than fresh veggies?
  14. For beginners: Constantly ask yourself: Do I really need this? Simply asking this questions has helped us saving money. We still are tempted to impulse buy stuff we don’t need but we discuss those things and usually decide that we do not need it.
  15. Don’t panic if you exceed 25 €. You are just learning. It’s more important to develop awareness for your spending. The rest will come over time.
  16. Place the receipts in the envelope. This way, you can keep all the receipts for the month. My goal is to keep the envelopes until the tax return and then throw ’em out.
  17. If possible, do not take money out of the envelope for other non-related expenses. Try to stick to the budget, but I am not one to judge if you do take out the money.
  18. If you like, use the money you didn’t use for the following weekly budget. We zero it in, collect the loose change in a jar and use what we saved the week after. Let’s say we saved 5 € in week #1, we use those 5 € in week #2 where we only have to add 20 € to the envelope instead of 25 €. We do not go with 30 € because we would like to save the money instead of spending it. Lose change makes the envelope too heavy for the magnet on the fridge and it makes my purse heavy.
  19. Items we have forgotten to buy are paid for with the loose change from the jar. Our jar contains all the coins the currency has to offer. Every now and then, my BF will take out some change for metro tickets or for Sunday trips to the bakery around the corner or when there is no lunch prepared for him. The jar is never empty, though. Not only do we drop change in there after shopping but also from our personal wallets that become too heavy. It works for us.

The cookie dough incident.

+++ Read the entire story including an exclusive statement from Susi L. only here on 30andskinny! +++

Cologne. On October 4th, 2017, writer Susi L. found herself bored and in the safety of her own home. While scrolling through Pinterest, she came across a post that would change her life. Based on former searches and interests, Pinterst suggested the ‘Cookie Dough Craving Fix For 1’. Upon clicking on said post, Susi discovered that she had all the ingredients but one in her home. She prepared the mix without the missing ingredient, placed the almost-ready mix in one of the cupboards so that her boyfriend would not find it once returning home from work and pretended like nothing had happened.

While Susi L. was about to walk to the grocery store in order to purchase said missing ingredient, her boyfriend asked her to drive him and their mutual friend to the movie theathre she agreed to do so. Once the men had left the car, she proceeded to drive to the next store with parking spots available. Sources say that Susi L. was seen wearing black sweatpants when she entered a local Aldi store in Cologne. An eye-witness told us that she had purchased  unsuspicious basic items such as bottled water, fruit and vegetables, oats, hummus and butter. Apart from wearing sweatpants and a track suit jacket, nothing seemed suspicious. The cashier told us that she even paid cash which she took out of an envelope that said ‘October 2017’. Her behaviour was described as that of a normal customer during later store hours. Another eye witness said that she had dark circles under her eyes and that she was very pale.

As she proceeded to load the purchases into the car, another car drove up to her and asked her about store hours and whether or not they had to pay for parking. After having parked the car, the driver approached L. one last time to ask if she herself had paid for the parking. L. declined, the man proceded and L. returned her shopping cart. The driver told us: ‘She seemed very tired and based on what I saw in her trunk, she really needs to clean out her car. There were clothes all over the trunk.’

In the car, Susi L. placed the butter on the passenger seat and turned on the seat warmer in order to soften the butter. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen she droped to bag of groceries and got out the almost-ready mix. She scooped up two tablespoons of the now-soft butter and added it to the mix. The regular spoon wouldn’t work so she had to rely on a technical device in order to create the perfect cookie dough.

L. ate the whole thing in two sessions. Upon the first bite, L. found the dough way too sweet but proceeded anyways. After watching her new-found favourite series ‘Catastrophe’, she decided to put one half of the dough into the freezer. Two episodes later, L. retrieved the second half to eat it in a second session.

As her boyfriend returned from home, she had already removed all evidence. To this day, L.’s boyfriend has no knowledge of the incident as he declined any comment. L. herself agreed to give us an exclusive statement:

Susi L.: ‘I am very ashamed of my actions. At the moment they might only hurt my teeth and my overall body fat percentage, but in the long run they might hurt my friends and family. There is no excuse for this behaviour. It’s time for me to clean up my act and change my lifestyle. Eating what was supposed to be a cookie dough fix for one person but turned out to be more than just one portion was simply wrong and I have to accept the fact that it wasn’t even that delicious and yet, I chose to eat the entire thing. It didn’t even satisfy me! I am disgusted by myself and in that night, I realized that I had hit rock bottom. Now it’s time for me to climb back up and climbing is always easier when you’re skinny so that is where 30andskinny comes into the picture. I promise to stick with Paul McKenna’s method and by the time I turn 30, I will be back at my original weight and back at the top.’


Days 20 & 21: Visible results?

Moving in the right direction

Yes! I feel like the first results are currently becoming more and more visible. My legs seem to slim up. However, my legs never really were fat in the first place. The majority of my fat lives in my belly area. According to my BF, my belly sticks out more (even when I suck it in). With my legs now slimming down I will look like Gru from ‘Despicable me’: Tiny legs, giant belly. My OBGYN made me fill out a form and was surprised by what I filled in and told me I looked skinnier 🙂 🙂 Then again, I am very tall and people are usually distracted by my legs and only see my belly area after they look twice.

But wait, there is more!

Christmas is around the corner and my writing gigs have been slow these days, I had to find a new job to get some money. You know the story; starving artist in a big city. Lucky me managed to land two jobs and I still have to decide which one I would like. Both are office-related. One is 4 to 6 week-gig. I’m kinda feeling that one more but I will try out the other on Friday and hopefully then be able to figure out which job I want.

Moving has been quite an easy task for me on Day 21 because I had many meetings and dates spread across the city. My pedometer showed more than 10,000 steps at midnight and after that it starts counting new again. I met with the boys and we had some beer and – OMG idk what is wrong with me – smoked a lot. Today will be a new trial run, I am sick and tired of smoking but in certain situations I simply cannot help myself but smoke.

Day 19

It keeps getting better

Day 19 was good.

I managed to follow EVERY rule. Yes, that’s right. I moved a lot. I ate when I was hungry. I only ate what I really wanted. I enjoyed every bite and paid attention to eating. I stopped the second I felt satisfied. I drank water. I moved around. I listened to the audio trance. I did the mirror technique.

Days 16- 18: One hole closer

Where there is smoke…

… there might be cancer?

This weekend was filled with cigarettes. I don’t know why I can’t refrain from smoking. Despite the fact I have been crazy sick Friday, I suddenly felt much better. The BF and I drank an entire keg. Our neighbor came over at 3 am and brought cigarettes. That night, I smoked two cigarettes.

On Saturday, I felt much better. Our neighbor asked me to take him shopping. We smoked another two cigarettes that afternoon. The BF and I drove to a birthday party in our original home town. I was the DD but that didn’t stop me from smoking almost another pack. Disgusting! Weirdly enough, I have no problem with not drinking but all of a sudden I need to smoke?! WTF?! Giving up smoking is hard AF. It’s the hardest thing I can imagine. Even harder than med school and that shit sucked the life out of me.

Even worse: I continued this stupid behavior on Sunday. WTF is wrong with me?! The BF does not approve. My mother does not approve. Everybody wants me to be safe and healthy. Why do I smoke? Giving up drinking all together wouldn’t be a problem for me at all but smoking (I don’t smoke during the week and barely on weekends).

Today, I experience the worst cough (which brought upon myself) and I deeply regret everything. This pain has led me to the idea to add a ‘I didn’t smoke’-checkbox to my journal. Maybe this will help.

Apart from deep regret regarding my smoking habits, I have some news:

I am starting to feel skinnier! Finally! While at my parents’ I did not step on their fancy scale because I decided it wouldn’t matter anymore. The scale was supposed to show me progress – regardless of the number it shows. It was supposed to simply show me whether not my weight has decreased. But at what cost? The first weigh-in made me super mad and feel bad about myself. It ruined my day and it’s simply not worth the energy. It’s only a stupid box on the floor. Why do we let it have so much power over us? My weigh-ins will be skipped. I shall no longer weigh myself every 15 days.  Those days will be just like the others. 

And the best: My belt shows me that I am one belt hole closer to my goal. 


Day 15 and the broken scale

High expectation, medium disappointment

Sitting at my computer at 5.30 am, I just stepped off of the weight scale. After the first time, I thought I had experienced a minor weight loss. Thinking to myself: ‘Great, baby steps!’ I then compared my actual weight to picture of the weight scale I had taken 15 days ago. The weight had remained the same? I then stepped on that bastard one more time aaaaaaand: It showed me even more weight. WTF? In case you’re wondering; I had bought an old school, non-digital weight scale because I was certain that this one would last me forever. Bitch didn’t even last a year. We knew that it was a very mean scale, always adding pounds, but this is just plain stupid. The time between the two weigh-ins was less than a minute.

Once this day is over with, I will update and let you know whether or not I managed to follow all the rules. So far, I did 😉 

+++ Update +++

Today has been super duper depressing so far. Besides overeating, I had to go to the city hall to get stuff done. Bitch at the city hall was giving me an attitude for not having an ID that states my address. (Because I simply do not own the German citizenship.) No biggie. I could even become an appointee because I am a citizen of the European Union. Homegirl even sent me to see another clerk to be informed about the German citizenship. Heeeeeell no! Way too much craziness! Due to my status as a student I could get the German citizenship for 250 € which is a ‘great deal’ for students. Umm…. 250 € is not a great deal for students. That is a horrible deal. What student has 250 € to spare? I don’t.

Apart from being frustrated with the city hall, I drove to the local mall to buy some stamps because I was super productive this morning and I wanted to send it all out. Mid-walking to the mall I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. I then returned to my BF’s car and drove home. Then I cleaned the car as good as possible, had a brief conversation on the phone with my mother, cancelled many plans and contracts that have been running ever since med school, almost choked on nasal spray (disgusting AF) and now I have gotten around to continue this blog post.

+++ Update +++

I feel like a fat cow.


Day 14: Recap

Another week, another recap

The second week is over. Time for a recap!

What was the best part of last week? 

The weather, meeting my new friend Angela and getting around to get some photography done. 

What was the hardest?

Following the rules – especially while being sick.

What have I learned?

That I need to stop wasting time on screens and focus on my life. Also, that I should stop watching shows about fake lives when I have my own, real life.

Three things I want to do next week:

a. Get back with medicine? 

b. Handle my finances

c. Get the apartment done to where we can visitors at any given time and not feel ashamed. 

Days 11 – 13

Sunshine, sickness, sugar and successes?

Hello my fellow bloggers/readers/aspiring thin people/friends,

Unfortunately, I have fallen sick and therefore couldn’t really post anything. Staying on track with my paper journal was a pain in the ass already and I realized just how much time I spent in front of screens so I decided that my blog would have to be paused for the moment. While we’re at it, I have to admit that I have been slacking a little while I was sick and I even fixed myself a cookie dough fix. Yes. Despite the incident. What can I say? I was craving and the book/method requires you to listen to your body and allow yourself whatever it is your body wants. Mine wanted cookie dough.

Did I follow every rule? If you combine the days and use one template of journal, then yes. If not, no. Like I said, tonight I ate more than I needed. Instead of laying on the couch and watching Brooklyn 99 all day long, I should have listened to the audio trance yesterday. Oh well. #noragrets

On Sunday I was lucky enough to get some good shots of the city in the fall. You are always more than welcome to visit my photoblog any time – even though I have been really lazy with it and really needs a facelift.

IG: susilambr

Tomorrow is the first weigh-in and I am very anxious. I know I shouldn’t be but I am. The book says that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve already lost weight or not as long as you feel that way. I feel thinner and as though my body has become more firm but I am still anxious to step on that scale tomorrow.