Day 15 and the broken scale

High expectation, medium disappointment


Sitting at my computer at 5.30 am, I just stepped off of the weight scale. After the first time, I thought I had experienced a minor weight loss. Thinking to myself: ‘Great, baby steps!’ I then compared my actual weight to picture of the weight scale I had taken 15 days ago. The weight had remained the same? I then stepped on that bastard one more time aaaaaaand: It showed me even more weight. WTF? In case you’re wondering; I had bought an old school, non-digital weight scale because I was certain that this one would last me forever. Bitch didn’t even last a year. We knew that it was a very mean scale, always adding pounds, but this is just plain stupid. The time between the two weigh-ins was less than a minute.

Once this day is over with, I will update and let you know whether or not I managed to follow all the rules. So far, I did 😉 

+++ Update +++

Today has been super duper depressing so far. Besides overeating, I had to go to the city hall to get stuff done. Bitch at the city hall was giving me an attitude for not having an ID that states my address. (Because I simply do not own the German citizenship.) No biggie. I could even become an appointee because I am a citizen of the European Union. Homegirl even sent me to see another clerk to be informed about the German citizenship. Heeeeeell no! Way too much craziness! Due to my status as a student I could get the German citizenship for 250 € which is a ‘great deal’ for students. Umm…. 250 € is not a great deal for students. That is a horrible deal. What student has 250 € to spare? I don’t.

Apart from being frustrated with the city hall, I drove to the local mall to buy some stamps because I was super productive this morning and I wanted to send it all out. Mid-walking to the mall I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. I then returned to my BF’s car and drove home. Then I cleaned the car as good as possible, had a brief conversation on the phone with my mother, cancelled many plans and contracts that have been running ever since med school, almost choked on nasal spray (disgusting AF) and now I have gotten around to continue this blog post.

+++ Update +++

I feel like a fat cow.


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