Day 1: Vegan Hangovers are just as bad.

Salut! Merhaba! Yo!

Happy New Year!

Day 1 is almost over for me. The new year started at 2 pm, guided by a horrible hangover that stuck with me all day long. Today went okay I guess, but I am very hungry at the moment and a non-vegan snack would be a quick fix. This probably turned out to be a struggle.

‘In the morning’ I had a smoothie with kale, bananas, self-made quinoa milk (YES, it’s a thing and it’s good. So good.) and spinach. Drinking all night long on NYE upset my stomach like drinking always does (warning sign, I know) and normally, I would have turned to ice cream as a bullet-proof cure for my tummy. [Just reading what I just wrote now makes me cringe. No wonder I got so fat and unhealthy.] The smoothie didn’t really do the trick on my stomach, although it helped a little.

For dinner, I had two self-made pizzas with vegan cheese and bell pepers. It tasted pretty good, but it didn’t really fill me. Believe it or not, I am hungry again. And yes, I am sure I am not thirsty.


Did I follow the rules? No.

What did I do? I ate in front of the TV, I didn’t pay attention to my eating speed and I certainly did not put down my knife and fork after each bite to enjoy the tasty food on my plate.

Did I move my body? No. I didn’t even leave the apartment to take out the trash. Didn’t even take a shower, tbh.

Since I just recently started learning to tolerate the taste of cheese and I never liked cow milk and yoghurt, the transition relatively easy. I got vegan mayo, vegan bread toppings and vegan cheese for the pizza a while back. However, there are still many things in my fridge that are not vegan. Although I prepared mentally and got a lot of information on the vegan diet, I certainly did not prepare my home. My vegan shopping trip tomorrow will be quite the challenge. This week’s budget is 15 € for two people. I know that is a tight budget, but I really need to stick to the yearly budget I set for this household because I am trying to make some financial changes and save up money. Plus, I have to pay off student loans. And there is a trip to Vegas coming up for my 30th 🙂 After checking the prices and this week’s sales I know that I will have to super disciplined when I go to the store tomorrow as the discount stores only carry a very limited selection of vegan products. Wish me luck.

What have I learned today?

  • Going vegan will not help with hangovers.
  • Vegan junk food will be tempting. Making your own pizza is cheap AF.
  • My household is not ready yet.
  • Shopping on a tight budget will be a challenge throughout the year.
  • Stores are not ready for this. The internet is, though.
  • Supplements are expensive AF.

In case you are still around (and still if you are not); I wish you a wonderful, happy new year that brings you joy, health and positivity. May all your dreams and wishes come true.


Susi ❤



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