Day 2: Vegan shopping on a budget and eating out

Aloha! Dia Duit! Hej!

Thank you for returning / visiting.

What did I learn today?

  • ‘Rocket man’ by Elton John will forever be one of my all-time favourites ❤
  • Being vegan is equally easy and hard at the same time.
  • My budget and my shopping didn’t exactly match. Might have to adjust.
  • Shopping for vegan food is a bitch at cheap supermarkets and it takes a lot of time to do it. My shopping time schedules need adjusting.
  • Preparation is key.
  • Organic products are insanely expensive (I knew that before, though.)
  • Despite eating starchy foods, I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME.
  • The European vegan label is tempting me to buy all sorts of vegan junk food.
  • Reading the ingredient lists of products is confusing when they should be vegan according to the ingredient list but the package says it’s vegetarian.
  • Restaurants in Cologne are not ready for veganism yet.
  • Eating out is harder than I had anticipated.
  • I will have to resort to Cologne’s hipster places in the future.
  • Despite what the internet says, churros in Cologne are not vegan.

New questions that crossed my mind today:

  • Soy (milk); yes or no?
  • WTF is up with my skin? My skin is breaking out and actually looks the worst it ever has. Is this normal? Pls help.

What about the rules?

  • No, no and yes, a little. No.
  • Walked a lot.

Vegan shopping on a budget was not easy. The budget was exceeded but that wasn’t a problem thanks to all the deposit money I got for returning my empty plastic bottles. The total deposit return was 12 €, the initial budget for this week 15 €. That means today’s budget was 27 € – almost twice the initial budget! I went to a cheap supermarket and paid 13,77 € in total – but that also includes toothpaste for 1,95 € which wasn’t actually planned to the grocery budget. Toothpaste is included in a different budget and I normally plan accordingly. But that will be written about when it’s time to hit the drug store again.

Upon loading everything into my shopping cart, I realized I had bought two packs of lentils – that could have been avoided had I paid more attention.

I also met up with my friend in Cologne earlier today. First, we went to a coffee shop that offered soy milk as a plant-based alternative. After coffee, we took a walk around the city centre and she ended up getting churros. I wasn’t sure whether churros are vegan or not, but my internet findings gave me hope. Luckily, I asked the staff before ordering if their recipe was vegan and it was not. Oof! My friend gave me a “Sorry that you’re missing out’ kind of look will she was eating what must have been the tastiest churros of all times and I could tell right there that this transition will be a big change not only for me for my friends and family as well. And I think I had a taste of what vegans go through socially. You should have seen the look on the staff’s face when I asked them about their recipe. I was very tempted to eat churros because they smelled and looked delicious, but I knew this could happen. So I prepared myself and brought a bag of salted nuts to snack on. [Preparation is key.] My friend remained very understanding even after checking the fifth place for vegan dishes. An hour later, we still hadn’t found a vegan dish that was not just a plain salad on the side on one of Cologne’s busiest spots. This made me realize just how hard eating out as a vegan really is. Even in a major city like Cologne. Long story short: We went to a hipster burger place. I had a glass of red wine and a vegan burger that was pretty good for 8,40 €.

In case you are still here (and even if not); I wish you a pleasant, cruelty-free day/night ❤




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