Day 3 & 4: Veganism is hard.

Moien! Bonjour! Hi!

Two days, one post. A lot of frustration, lots of booze and countless sugar cravings.

There also might have been a ‘sandwich’ or two, but who knows. Apart from that, and in correlation to my sandwich consumption, my tonsils got infected and this has happened three times in the past six months so I am terrified of getting a tonsilectomy.

[Side note: I am posting and editing this on Day 5 as the sandwiches were strong and I was certain I had posted this last night.]

Day 3:

  • The falafel guy messed up my drunk binge by adding dairy sauce to my falafel wrap although I asked him if the shop sign ‘Veganland’ really meant that EVERYTHING is vegan to which he replied ‘yes’. Luckily, drunken me saw it in time.
  • There are very few vegan snacks.
  • Beans are no longer my enemy.

Day 4:

  • Vegan baking is not as much fun. It might the missing danger of getting salmonella from eating raw cake batter.
  • When in doubt, call and ask. I called the manufacturer of a hard candy I had bought from an antique candy store.
  • My boyfriend’s vegetarian dinner looked tempting and smelled delicious. I resisted.

I’ll make it quick, as I am feeling sick:

Have a wonderful day. Lots of love.


Susi ❤

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