Day 5: Everything makes sense.

Elo! Ciao! Haai!

Today was filled with excitement. When I got up this morning, I decided to dye my hair with the colour pack that had been standing on my bathroom shelf for more than two years. Seeing a bright redish-yellow colour in my hair made me panic. When it was time to rinse the colour off, I decided to give it 15 more minutes whilst picturing myself wearing a beanie hat on my way to the store to buy some more dye. Luckily, the result turned out to be satisfying despite all the hair that got lost in the process of combing my hair.

After cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, my tonsils started to act up even more. Given the fact that this is the third infection in six months, I am afraid they will be taken out eventually. I have high hopes that living plant-based will boost my immune system. Please don’t let me down, Veganism. Since I had just recently stopped taking antibiotics, a new antibiotic treatment is impossible. I will have to suffer through this one despite the fact that I start one of my dream jobs on Monday: Screen writing for television. In order to get a pain relief I went to the store to buy some vegan ice cream and boy, did I find many great things there 🙂 First, I found VEGAN Fleischwurst by Rügenwalder!!! If you live in Germany or in a bordering country, you get the excitement. Then I went to the Veganz shelf where I got some chocolate AND I found vegan soy ice cream with 1.000 kcal per pint (which means I REALLY have to contain myself).

Besides all those wonderful findings, something else happened: For the very first time on this (so far five-day-long journey) to veganism, I noticed a drastic change in the way I perceive non-vegan food items: I barely do. They’re almost invisible to me.

Words probably cannot explain my emotions when I looked at items that had the vegan label on them. Everything made sense. It felt as though this has been meant to be ever since and now that I finally let myself dive into it, there is no turning back. Even just reading the word ‘vegan’ is exciting and I totally get why vegans have a reputation of shoving it into everyone’s face. I got a sense of ‘vegan empowerment’ and I am utterly thankful for this experience.

What did I learn?

  • Veganism rocks.
  • I am happy I chose this path
  • My tonsils hurt.
  • Brussel sprouts need more cooking time than I thought.

In case you are still around; I hope you have a wonderful day/night and that you are happy. I truly do.

All the love in the world ❤




3 thoughts on “Day 5: Everything makes sense.

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