Day 6: Things are changing

Hello! Servus! Hoi!

Thank you for stopping by! After having almost completed an entire vegan week, I am starting to notice some changes. Aside from yesterday’s ‘vegan enlightenment’, my usual cravings for junk food have become less.

Despite my tonsilitis, I feel a lot more energized. After an emergency Whatsapp message consult to my family doctor (literally), I was told to wash my mouth with salt water and it really helped. The pain is still there, but the area feels clean in a weird way. Since I had just gotten off antibiotics, this seems to be the way to go. According to fellow vegans I have watched on YouTube, they all fell ill less since going vegan and my hopes are high that the same will happen to me.

Looking back on my past food and lifestyle choices I am not surprised my body is in its current state. Besides drinking and eating unhealthily, I also used to smoke a lot and had a few sandwiches over the past three years – all while mostly being in a sitting position with little to no movement at all. Weirdly, it all went downhill for me when I got into med school. Learning all the wonderful things about our bodies makes you think that future doctors treat their bodies like the temples that they learn they are but a lot of them don’t. While doing practical trainings at hospitals, I learned one thing: Nurses and doctors who work in hospitals smoke more than any other group of people I’ve ever seen before.

To this day, I struggle with not smoking again – especially while drinking alcohol. Getting over smoking is tough. My smoking is so weird. I know the only ones who actually benefit from me smoking are tobacco companies. If you are still around and have a good solution that helped you or somebody you know, please let me know how.

One thing often discussed in vegan discussions is the increased bowel movements and the bloating. Never have I ever expected this to be so true, but it is. This really makes me nervous because I am not sure how I will feel about those kind of bathroom trips at my new job. However, those bathroom trip are not as long as they used to be and everything else poop-related has changed as well. The bloating has become a reality for me, too and so has everything else that usually comes with it – such as unladylike, involuntary burping.

Day 6 was good and I went to a restaurant that actually has a menu with vegan options. I got a vegan burger with vegan mayonnaise (at least, the waiter swore it was) and sweet potato fries. And a giant glass of wine. Today was good.

Today’s learnings:

  • Tonsils still infected
  • The number of my number twos increased significantly
  • While going, less time is needed
  • Bloating is a thing.
  • Starting to feel slimmer in the love handle department.
  • Watched ‘Forks over knives’
  • Looking forward to my first day as a screen writer

In case you are still around; have a lovely day/night/life and may all your hopes and dreams come true.

Lots of love,



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