Day 9 & 10

Hello! Guten Tag! Ciao!

Thank you for stoping by.

In case this looks different than usual; I am writing this post on my cell phone because my writing computer is acting up.

It has been 10 days since I went vegan and I feel good. My skin is clearing, I am less hungry and I am better prepared at work. Being around food is not as mind-occupying as it used to be in 2018 (and those three years before) and it really does not bother me to say ‘no’ to many offerings of candy and other junk food. I even baked a (non-vegan) cake for work and I didn’t even feel the tiniest urge to lick the bowl. (One proud moment.)

Looking back on this journal, I realized how often I eat out without really noticing. That one time on the second day, another time at night after drinking, once at a place outside and tonight with my friend Nina.

Considering how progressive Cologne claims to be it is hard to believe any of their trendy image when even the ‘hippest’ part of the city barely offers vegan options – and if they do they are over-priced. I had french fries with ketchup. That did the trick.

Let’s hope that Cologne’s restaurants will arrive in 2019 soon. Not only would that promote an end to killing animals but also an end to killing my social life. Having to check in advance has made my friends hop from restaurant to restaurant four times in 10 days now. #firstworldproblemiknow

I am proud of myself for sticking to it and I am very proud of my boyfriend who is very supportive of this despite his own, non-vegan diet. He’ll get there, though 😉

Over the next month I want to

  • get back into the habit of practicing Yoga daily
  • move my body a lot more during the day
  • groove into a whole food plant-based diet
  • write more
  • do more other creative things
  • clean out my wardrobe
  • drop some pounds

In case you are still around; I hope you have a wonderful day.




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