Days 15 – 18: Daily Grind.

Hello! Tach! Bonjour!

It is Friday (Day 18) and I have been slacking with my posts. My initial plan was to post at least every other day, but this week, I did not feel like it and that is perfectly fine.

This week has been filled with a girl’s night out, heavy drinking on Tuesday at the monthly Dutch meetings I attend, visits by my friend Tim after work and working overtime on Wednesday, followed by a pre-maturely commenced weekend as of now. All of it being vegan. Some of it being unhealthy.

I had a lot of fries and pasta this week which is mainly caused by the lack of vegan options in restaurants and my poor meal-prepping discipline. There are just some days where you really can’t get yourself to give more effort than to boil water and throw pasta in it. And that is really dumb. How come I cannot make the effort? Investing time (and money) into your body should always be your main priority. The supplements I had ordered still haven’t arrived and I can tell there some deficiencies my body is dealing with. Note to self: Eat more legumes, eat more leafy greens. Less crap.

Another thing I noticed this week is my increasing urge to travel. I am a gypsy at heart. I can’t stay long at places. Travelling, experiencing new adventures and seeing new beauty in places is what keeps me alive. Words cannot describe the feeling of freedom you get when you’re travelling. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job. But no job in the world will ever feel as good as travelling the world on your own. Yes, on your own. I feel like everybody should have travelled alone at least once in their life. How else can you grow?

I am drifting and I still have to vacuum my apartment.

Please have a lovely day/night.

All the love,

Susi ❤

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