My First Vegan Month: What I’ve learned

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by. Today marks the completion of my first month as a vegan. So far, things are going good. I hadn’t been able to keep my journal activities on a daily level but nevertheless, I have not fallen off the vegan wagon.

I would like to share with you what I have learned during my first month. I will start with the thing I noticed in the beginning and make my way over to those I noticed after a little while.

1. My skin went crazy at first. This was the most obvious I noticed right away. I got bad breakouts in the chin area although my skin hasn’t done that in the previous 29 years. It took about two weeks to clear up.

2. The number of my number twos has increased drastically. For the sake of romance, I will keep this as vague as possible: The number of bathroom trips doubled, it smells and looks differently.

3. I got tired AF. No, there wasn’t a real energy boost as described by fellow vegans on the internet.

4. Iron deficiency during my period. Boy, let me tell you! No matter how much spinach I ate, I got tired AF. I had an iron defficiency. I got even paler.

5. Supplements are a necessity. At least for me. I got my Vitamin B12 supplements about two weeks after going vegan, followed by Vitamin D and iron supplements.

6. Eating out in Cologne is a bitch. For real. Despite its histeresque reputation, only very few restaurants cater to vegans. I’m not saying all vegans are hipsters or vice versa, but there is a co-relation between hipster neighbourhoods and vegan bars and restaurants. Let’s be real.

7. Budgeting became 10 x tougher. Once a product has the vegan label, it’s twice as expensive and fresh greens is tough on your wallet.

8. Preparation is key. I can’t go out clubbing and not bring at least a bag of nuts to snack on when none of the late night snack bars offer vegan options.

9. Beans and I are friends. I used to hate beans. The texture, the smell, the taste… Ugh. But not that I have gotten used to eating beans I even crave them.

10. Meal plans: There is no way I can get through my work week without meal planning. I used to do this before as well but going vegan makes you less flexible on spontaneous lunch dates.

11. My omnivore friends show a lot of love. This is something I had never expected: My friends have been nothing but understanding and patient with me. None of them have given me lectures, none of them have asked me about my protein intake and all of them said they find it remarkable that I keep going. ❤

12. There is a wider acceptance of veganism. Supermarkets and grocery producers are realizing and catering to the growing demand of vegan products.

13. My own awareness has increased. Having to check every label before consuming a product makes you realize how much junk can be hidden in daily grocery items.

14. My sweet tooth is almost gone. I used to be crazy about cookie dough, vanilla ice cream and all those tasty German candies the world loves. There are no cravings left. Seeing a bowl of candy doesn’t trigger my cravings either. I am just not interested anymore.

15. The vegan community is the best. I have never felt more understood and welcomed than I have in any other community. Thank you for your support.

I hope reading this has made you curious. Those are just my very personal findings, they are different for everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions. I apologize for possibly offending anybody with my hipster remark.

Lots of love ❤





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