About me

Hi! I am Susi, 28 and overweight.

On October 4th, 2017 I came across a ‘Cookie Dough Craving Fix for 1’ (more like for three people) and ate the whole damn thing. My skin broke out almost immediately after ‘The cookie dough incident’ took place and I decided it was time to make a change. In order to maintain this change and to turn it into a healthy habit, I started this blog. TBH, this blog is simply meant as a public diary, not an additional source of income. Although many people seem to look at it this way, I am not about making money. I just want to look good naked and write. Writing is one of my passions (mostly in German, though) and I want to drop some pounds. Why not kill two birds with one stone?! You get the idea.

My goal is to achieve a healthy, skinny weight by the time I turn 30 (almost two years from now). When I am not complaining about my weight, I like photography, writing, astronomy (not horoscopes) and travelling. My favourite sports have always been swimming and badminton, but due to a heart condition I have to ease my way back into exercise. Apart from swimming and Badminton, I love all things in or on the water. Unfortunately, I do not live nearby an ocean which means that regular activities are not possible, but on vacation I will dive, SUP, kite surf, wind surf etc. I am a true mermaid at heart.

Although I am still enrolled in med school, I currently work as a freelance writer and on special occasions, I will find day jobs to maintain my lavish lifestyle. Just kidding.



Dogs, oceans, dogs at oceans, anything water-related, astronomy, space documentaries, fall, blowing bubbles, Paris, tea, Japanese candies, photography (with a different blog), writing, hugs, travelling (duh), Badminton, London, the month before Christmas, scented candles, vanilla, pink, rollercoaster rides, reading a good book on a rainy day, stationery, watermelons, saving money, my pink hula hoop


Stepping on a Lego or screws (hurts just as bad), being overweight, dry skin, pollution, animal abusers and abusers in general (you suck), seeing trash outside of bins, cyclists in Cologne (when I am not sitting on a bike), butterflies (yes, they freak me out), tardiness, being mistaken for Claudia Schiffer (happens all the time. Not.), speeding tickets, pumping gas, grocery shopping at crazy prices, thirst, new shoes that seem comfy at first and then suddenly start to hurt you while you’re out

Fun facts: 

Weirdly connected to the state of Texas, known for being a hardcore jammer when in the car by myself (seen from oncoming traffic or as I drove down the street), working at an airline made me terrified of flying, known for several attempts to steal somebody’s dog (dog lover), 9gagger, not ashamed to admit that listening to the first Mariah Carey Christmas Album throughout the year happens quite often, I successfully completed the HarvardX Super-Earths & Life program,