Days 15 – 18: Daily Grind.

Hello! Tach! Bonjour! It is Friday (Day 18) and I have been slacking with my posts. My initial plan was to post at least every other day, but this week, I did not feel like it and that is perfectly fine. This week has been filled with a girl’s night out, heavy drinking on Tuesday … Continue reading Days 15 – 18: Daily Grind.

Day 7 & 8: One Week of Veganism

Bonjour! Ola! Tach! Thank you for returning to my journal. I started my job as a screen writer on Monday (Day 7) and due to my tonsillitis, I walk to work. My ‘commute’ is 30 minutes per trip which leaves me walking an hour per day. Considering how poorly I have been eating in the … Continue reading Day 7 & 8: One Week of Veganism

Day 2: Vegan shopping on a budget and eating out

Aloha! Dia Duit! Hej! Thank you for returning / visiting. What did I learn today? ‘Rocket man’ by Elton John will forever be one of my all-time favourites ❤ Being vegan is equally easy and hard at the same time. My budget and my shopping didn’t exactly match. Might have to adjust. Shopping for vegan … Continue reading Day 2: Vegan shopping on a budget and eating out

Day 1: Vegan Hangovers are just as bad.

Salut! Merhaba! Yo! Happy New Year! Day 1 is almost over for me. The new year started at 2 pm, guided by a horrible hangover that stuck with me all day long. Today went okay I guess, but I am very hungry at the moment and a non-vegan snack would be a quick fix. This … Continue reading Day 1: Vegan Hangovers are just as bad.

Going vegan: My expectations

Hallo! Hoi! Ahoi! Here is a list of my expectations. In June, I will get this list and compare with the actual results. Weight loss. Loss of sugar cravings. Clear skin. Fewer heart issues. Eating vegan on a budget will be boring. Thriving mind. More physical energy. Conscious choices. Improved Yoga results due to weight … Continue reading Going vegan: My expectations

Enough is enough.

Hello! Hallo! Bonjour! In case you are one of the very few people who actually read my past posts; welcome back, Joe and Becky. In case you’re not, don’t worry about it. I’ll fill you in real quick: I wanna lose weight and actually be skinny by the time I turn 30. It’s been a … Continue reading Enough is enough.