Day 14: Recap

Another week, another recap


The second week is over. Time for a recap!

What was the best part of last week? 

The weather, meeting my new friend Angela and getting around to get some photography done. 

What was the hardest?

Following the rules – especially while being sick.

What have I learned?

That I need to stop wasting time on screens and focus on my life. Also, that I should stop watching shows about fake lives when I have my own, real life.

Three things I want to do next week:

a. Get back with medicine? 

b. Handle my finances

c. Get the apartment done to where we can visitors at any given time and not feel ashamed. 

Day 8

Rules followed: 3/8

Today was a bad day foodwise and a good day activitywise. Day 7 required new goals for this week and I already managed to achieve one: Meet new people. I joined a Facebook group to meet up to play Badminton. Unfortunately, the BF threw out his back two nights ago so that he couldn’t attend. Instead, our neighbour Tobi came to the rescue and joined in. I had stated that I would bring another person along and the court rent was calculated based on my statement and we played doubles so there had to be an even number.

Badminton is one of my favourite sports and I am so glad I got to play again. My game was lit. Nobody knew I still had it in me. It was exhausting, I’ll admit that. My heart condition kicked in once, but that was ok. I am very happy I got to play again.

As far as my eating goes, I ate when I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t stop in time, I had candy all day and I have yet to listen to the audio trance since starting this journal. Tomorrow will be another day. I did the mirror technique really briefly, but at least I did it.

Day 2

Rules followed: 1/8

Throughout the day, I did really well. I waited until I was really hungry. I only tasted my homemade sauce once (and it good. Really good.) and I drank plenty of water. I did the mirror exercise (read the book), ate consciously and enjoyed every mouthfull. Until 8 pm, things looked like they were going pretty smoothly.

Then we received a text message.

Our friend lost his dear grandmother and it was a no-brainer to go see him and show some support. I ended up drinking a lot of beer mixed with either Coke or Sprite (four to be exact) and I snacked on some chips despite the fact that my stomach was very full due to the beer intake. We stayed out until 3 am.

Today, my ‘parents in law’ are coming over to help renovate the place, so little sleep and a lot work are ahead of me.

Day 1

Rules followed: 4.5/8

What did I eat? 

I had potato salad for breakfast, broccoli as an alternative for rice for lunch. The ‘rice’ was store-bought, I just added some oil into my wok and later some Pesto. Tasty AF. At around 8 pm, I had half a plate of fries. Late-night snack: Brötchen.



Did I move? 

Yes. On my way to my dinner date, I missed one stop as I was listening to some good music. I realized when it was too late, got off on the next stop, walked back. After my dinner date, I stoped by my brother’s which is quite a walk from and to the station. After I had returned to the station to get home, I realized I had missed the last train and only had two minutes left to reach the last bus. Ran as fast as I could. Made it in time. Had to get on the train, only had one minute left. Ran even faster. Yelled at a lady who was blocking the stairs. Made it just in time.

Did I only eat when hungry?

Yes.  Especially my fries were way better because I really enjoyed them due to my hunger.

Did I enjoy my food? 

All but my Brötchen. I ate it on the way. After it was gone, I realized I should have taken some time to savour the taste. Next time.

Did drink plenty of water? 

Yes. Water and two glasses of wine.

Postive things about yesterday? 

Dinner date, visiting my brother and his roomie.

What would I like to do tomorrow? 

Finally get started with painting the livingroom, maybe meet some friends.